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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Reclaimed Hollowfill

KRGF Statutes and Regulations

KRS 350.500Definitions
KRS 350.503Kentucky Reclamation Guaranty Fund
KRS 350.506Commission
KRS 350.509Duties of the Commission
KRS 350.512Office of the Kentucky Reclamation Fund/Executive Director Duties
KRS 350.515Participation, initial capitalization, bond in lieu of participation, assessments
KRS 350.518Bonds, tonnage/acreage fees, mine type classification, future permits, permit suspensions, penalties, rights and remedies
KRS 350.521Bond forfeitures
405 KAR 10:001Definitions
405 KAR 10:015General Bonding Provisions
405 KAR 10:070Kentucky Reclamation Guaranty Fund
405 KAR 10:080Full-cost Bonding
405 KAR 10:090Production Fees
405 KAR 8:010General Permit Provisions