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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Kentucky gorge fall 2011

Career Opportunities

The Department for Natural Resources employs mine inspectors, engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, foresters, biologists, soil scientists and individuals with administrative expertise.

From this page, you can view available positions and complete an online application for employment. 

Environmental Scientist III42885BRFloyd8/27/2015
Environmental Control Supervisor42911BRFranklin8/29/2015
Forestry Program Supervisor42912BRFranklin8/29/2015
Forestry Program Supervisor42913BRFranklin8/29/2015
Environmental Scientist II42914BRHopkins8/29/2015
Forest Ranger Technician I42990BRPowell8/30/2015
Environmental Control Manager43017BRFranklin8/31/2015
Program Coordinator43019BRFranklin8/31/2015