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KRS 350.500Definitions
KRS 350.503Kentucky Reclamation Guaranty Fund
KRS 350.506Commission
KRS 350.509Duties of the Commission
KRS 350.512Office of the Kentucky Reclamation Fund/Executive Director Duties
KRS 350.515Participation, initial capitalization, bond in lieu of participation, assessments
KRS 350.518Bonds, tonnage/acreage fees, mine type classification, future permits, permit suspensions, penalties, rights and remedies
KRS 350.521Bond forfeitures
405 KAR 10:001Definitions
405 KAR 10:015General Bonding Provisions
405 KAR 10:070Kentucky Reclamation Guaranty Fund
405 KAR 10:080Full-cost Bonding
405 KAR 10:090Production Fees
405 KAR 8:010General Permit Provisions